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Build your own guitar in Bergen, Norway

You can build your own guitar at Victor's workshop in Bergen, and if you are really meticulous, it can actually be a good quality guitar with nice sound and action.

Victor has had many students, both in his workshop, but also leading larger guitar building courses at Folkeuniversitetet in Bergen. He now takes in one student at the time to work at the shop, and you can make almost anything you want - of course within a time frame, and within the borders of reason.

There is a waiting list for these courses, as they are very popular. Please contact Victor with the contact form that appears if you click the email address to the left, and ask to be put on the waiting list.

The price for the course, including all standard materials, is 15.000 NOK + VAT

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info @ guitarrasmanzanera com

Kong Oscars gate 45, 5017 Bergen