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Guitar workshop in Bergen/Norway - Guitarras Manzanera

Guitarras Manzanera is a guitar label founded by the spanish luthier Victor Manzanera Morales. He is educated in building both classical Concerto/Flamenca nylon stringed guitars, steel stringed Acoustic/Western guitars, and the blues/jazz Archtop guitar. You can also bring any guitar, of course including electric guitars, if they need repairs or adjustments.

All Manzanera guitars are professionally handcrafted from carefully picked materials, and all of them can be altered to fit your personal wishes. Just talk to Victor, and he will always give you a fair price for the extras you wish for.

You will find Victor's guitar workshop in Kong Oscars gate 45 in Bergen, which he took over from luthier Hanno Kiehl some years ago. See map by clicking the address in the menu.

Read more about the types of guitars by choosing from the top menu, and read more about Victor in the biography section.

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+47 91 57 20 66
info @ guitarrasmanzanera com

Kong Oscars gate 45, 5017 Bergen