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Luthier Victor Manzanera Morales Biography

Luthier Victor Manzanera MoralesBorn in the spanish city of Murcia in 1975, from where at a Young age he shows a great passion and devotion for the music and specially for the guitar and its anatomy.

At the age of twelve he builds his first guitar as a simple project. Made with wood leftovers and using fishing line as strings.

The searching takes him to find a vocational guitar building and repairing school in Canada, located in the west coast near Vancouver, a pristine and excepcionally and beautiful rainforest island where cedar trees grows and nature is as beauty as it can be. Here he will learn how to design and build steel stringed guitars like western and archtop guitar under the ttuition of several teachers such Sigmund Johanessen, Allen Pelletier and Richard Joeseph Falton.

Later on he would learn the art of building a Spanish guitar with the help of the guitarmakers Stephen Hill and Pablo Requena in La Herradura, Spain. After that he´d improve his skills working with the great guitarmaker Pablo Requena at his workshop in Plumpton Green, UK, and as an assistant teacher with him in Malaga, Spain.

In 2011 he moves to Bergen, Norway, where he starts working with the guitarmaker Hanno Kiehl at his workshop in Bergen.

Actually he builds and repairs guitars as well as teaches guitar building courses at his own worshop in the heart of the fjords, Bergen.

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